Birds Of Prey

Birds Of Prey Centre 


Since 2008 the BURREN BIRDS OF PREY CENTRE has been educating and entertaining visitors with dynamic flying displays set against the dramatic Burren Landscape. The mission of the Centre is to aid the conservation of Birds of Prey through visitor awareness and education, whilst actively fund raising for Raptor conservation monitoring efforts within Ireland.


The Centre offers:

DYNAMIC FLYING DISPLAYS where the visitor can interact and get up close and personal to the birds.
  • A HOME to Eagles, Falcons, Hawks, and Owls from all over the world.
  • INFORMATION BOARDS that provide a deep insight into aspect of Birds of Prey.
  • EDUCATION into the amazing world of Raptors, their biology, conservation and the ancient art of Falconry.
  • An awareness of  RAPTOR CONSERVATION both in Ireland and internationally. Fund raising at the Centre enables skilled staff members to assist with a variety of raptor monitoring programmes.
  • HAWK WALKS which are a once in a life time opportunity to interact with some of nature's top predators. Guided and instructed by experienced Falconers, this hour long 'Walk with a Hawk' through hazel woodland and across Burren limestone pavement is tailor made for anybody seeking a totally unique experoence.

Click here for information on Hawk Walk.




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NEW FOR 2015:  Your visit to the Birds of P...
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