Environmental and other Policies, Actions and Objectives



To reduce our Energy consumption by 5% in 2020/2021 over 2018. 



To investigate the possibility of reusing our water for cleaning purposes in the Birds of Prey Centre and toilet flushing purposes throughout the entire site.  To submeter our water usage during our cheese production months of March to October 2020 and subsequent years.



To reduce the waste we send to landfill by 150kg during 2020/2021. Front of House Wate Separation system introduced in 2019 to assist in this target. 


Green Purchasing

To engage with our suppliers to reduce packaging by 10% during 2020/2021.

To increase useage of recycled paper products to 20% of all paper/cardboard purchased. 


Community Social Responsibility through sustainable activity.

We continue to Support our charitable partners, ie The Golden Eagle Trust, Clare Memories, Vulture Conservation Research in Nepal, Cuineamh an Chlair, The Burren Gaels Ladies Football Club and several community and school fundraising efforts through out the county.

To engage in a local “Clean Up” twice a year in conjunction with the Burren Eco Tourism Network "Adopt a Hedgerow" scheme. To communicate quaterly ie. every 3 months our performace and achievements through our website and social media. 


Interpretation & Guiding

We have sustained since 1976 a sound tradition of  welcoming to, educating about and intrepreting the Burren Region personally for our diverse groups of visitors. We achieve this year round; underground through fully guided cave tours and overground through narrated Flying Displays, one to one hawkwalks, bushcraft camps and masterclasses. All our employees engage in a comprehensive induction training course prior to starting work with us. For example, to invite our customers, visitors, suppliers and contractors to participate in our efforts to protect the environment, staff  training and awareness of  The Leave No Trace Seven Principles helps us to achieve this.


Sustainable Transport

Our website provides links to information on bus and rail services in the area.

While with us our visitors receive and are personally guided through a site map. They are encouraged to park their car and use the paths and/or the provided free of charge road train that connects all the facilities. These efforts minimise short and uneccessary car trips.

We also provide a secure bike and locker park for people visiting by foot or bicycle. From March 2015 we are adopting a ‘Have a free Cuppa Tea if you Cycle to me’ incentive and contunie to do so. 

We intend communicate at least quarterly i.e., every three months, our performance & achievements through our website and on our social media sites.


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